Maddie and Aidan discuss two final cryptids on the final episode of the podcast. But it's not totally the end! We'll still be occasionally doing tier lists, animations, and more on our YouTube channel!

Aidan and Maddie talk about cows for a looooong time.

Aidan and Maddie talk about deer, ghosts, and The Crosswalk.

Aidan and Maddie talk werewolves, kelpies, and witch windows.

Space Jam 2, the movie Old, and some sea monsters.

Aidan sells skin for teeth and Maddie gives Harry a Gun

We talk Oil Squids, Midwestern Traditions, and iCarly.

Greaseman invites us to his gazebo fire, Maddie gets cursed, and Grandma gets two new special grandsons.

Aidan becomes a grizzled old man and Maddie learns the truth about dinosaurs.

Bill Gates' true involvement with the vaccine is revealed and Ellen DeGeneres gets a sword.

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